Rules & Regulations.

Article 1. Background

1.1 The TZT MERZOUGA is organized by Run To Start, a Belgian non-profit organisation. The Event will be held in the desert of Merzouga and the region of Arfoud, in Morocco. The Event has a very strong emphasis on promoting and supporting the local culture, history and gastronomy, and is strongly committed to to protect the natural environment.

1.2 This race is a though physical and mental challenge and is designed for anyone who is in reasonable shape and has a strong determination to be able to complete it. Participants are welcomed from all countries and cultures, of any religion, gender or age (+18).

1.3 The Event is a 8 day ultra trail stage race (a 200km race to be completed in 5 stages). During each stage several checkpoints have to be passed along the way. Each participant has to carry the mandatory equipment during the whole stage (see equipment checklist). At each checkpoint participants will be provided with drinking water. There will be a limit of 15 hours to complete each stage. Throughout the whole event the participants will be supported by highly professional Volunteers, International Race Doctors, The organizers and local staff.

Article 2. General

2.1. By registering for this event, you confirm that you have read and understood these Rules & Regulations and that you fully agree with their contents, without exception.

2.2 Before entering this race organized by Run to Start, every participant has to sign all the mandatory forms including these Rules & Regulations.

2.3 Run To Start reserves the right to change these Rules & Regulations at any time. Valid Rules & Regulations are available at the website at any time.

Article 3. Admission Requirements

3.1 Run To Start reserves exclusive rights to allocate a place in the race, decline an application or withdraw a participant from participation at any time.

3.2 You must be at least 18 years of age at the start of the event to take part.

3.3 You are fully aware and accept the fact that you may encounter a wide range of terrain and weather conditions during the course of the race. The course will be mainly on off-road tracks and trails.

3.4 When registering and participating in the race you are aware of the fact and accept that the race is both mentally and physically demanding. You confirm that you are well prepared and meet all medical requirements to take part in such an event. You are aware that by taking part in the race, you are likely to be exposed to risks greater than those you encounter in your regular life. You agree that taking part in the race is always at your own risk and Run To Start will not be held liable or claimed against for any personal or material damage that may occur  in this event.

3.5 When applying for a place in the race every participant has to fill in the Registration Form and accept these Rules and Regulations.

Article 4. Declaration of Agreement

4.1 By participating in the race you agree to the following:

You agree that you have read and understood the official Rules & Regulations of this race!

You fully agree with the contents of the Rules & Regulations!

You guarantee that the information you have provided in the Registration Form is true and accurate and that you have signed all mandatory documents.

You agree that joining the event is entirely at your own risk and that you do not hold Run To Start liable for any damage or loss to you, your body or your belongings which may occur directly or indirectly before, during or after the event.

You agree that the contents of the Medical certificate are accurate, have been filled in by a qualified doctor, and truthfully and accurately reflect your health status at the beginning of the race.

You agree that personal travel arrangements are at your own risk in any case.

You authorize the event’s medical team to undertake all measures necessary in order to protect your health.

You guarantee that at the start of the race you are physically prepared and fit to take part.

Article 5. Environmental Protection

5.1 It is strictly forbidden to leave behind any litter on the whole course, at checkpoints or in camps; please use only the litter bins provided.

5.2 You are strictly requested to leave your surrounding and natural environment in the same condition as you have found it. It is forbidden to make a fire, collect damage or remove flora and fauna as well as geological features.

5.3 We kindly request that during the race you act as an ambassador for your country and the race organizers. Please treat the locals with respect, decency and fairness.

5.4 You are requested to make use of the toilet facilities while in the camp. During actual stages you must bury your waste and paper.

Article 6. Registration and Payment

6.1 To compete in this event, each participant has to:

a) Apply to the event online by filling in the Registration Form

b) Run To Start will allocate you a place in the race at its sole discretion.

c) The entry fee of 1800€ needs to be paid as advised. Your participation is only effective if the full entry fee has cleared :

“The non-refundable deposit of 500€ must be paid to secure your place for the event. The full registration fee must be paid before June 01, 2023 to confirm your registration, if this is not done before this date you will automatically lose your place.”

d) Fill in and submit all mandatory forms.

e) The Medical Certificate has to be brought to the check-in prior to the start.

6.2 It is in your own responsibility to check all passport, visa and immigration requirements before entering Morocco where the event is staged. The Organization does not take any responsibility for refusal of admission in to Morocco of a participant by local immigration authorities.

Article 7. Cancellation

7.1 Participant may withdraw from an event at any time.

7.2 If the participant cancels his or her registration before August 15, 2023, the registration fee is refunded, less the deposit.

7.3 If the participant cancels his or her registration after August 15, 2023, the registration fee is not refunded.

7.4 Under no circumstances may the participant postpone his/her participation to the next edition.

7.5 Entries to the event are personal and non-transferable.

7.6 The organization reserves the right to withdraw the offer of a place in the event for any reason and at any time. In the case of forced withdrawal by the Organization before the start, a full refund will be paid.

7.7 The organization reserves the right to modify the race schedule and/or race course due to events outside their control or for safety reasons.

7.8 The Organization reserves the right to cancel the race due to events outside of their control, for safety reasons or risk of environmental hazard. In this case the race will be rescheduled.

Article 8. Insurance 

8.1 It is the sole responsibility of each participant to take out an appropriate insurance policy covering personal, physical and material damage.

8.2 Each participant is fully aware of the risks which the course, the environment and the local conditions of this Race may contain, and releases the organization from any responsibility for personal accidents or physical problems.

8.3 It is strongly recommended that participants take out cancellation insurance.

Article 9. The Course

9.1 The Organization reserves the right to modify, cancel or change parts or the whole course at any time.

9.2 The participants must follow the marked course and report in at every checkpoint along the way. Deviating from the route or taking a short-cut on the course will result in a time penalty. There will be several checkpoints  in each stage and they must be reached in the correct order.  Missing a checkpoint will result in a time-penalty.

9.3 The course will be visibly marked by tape, flags, signs, lights or other devices. The markings or the natural given track will guarantee logical progress of the route.

9.4 It is strictly forbidden to remove, change or damage markings.

9.5  The Race Director will take into account the circumstances of any infringement of the rules and adjudicate the time penalties at his discretion.

9.6 Participants are strictly obliged to fill their hydration systems/water bottles at each checkpoint.

Article 10. Camps

10.1 All participants, organizers, volunteers, doctors and local staff will spend the night at the same camps. It is not allowed to leave the camps without notifying the organizers.

10.2 Toilet facilities will be provided. You are strongly advised to use these facilities.

Article 11. Equipment

11.1 Mandatory Equipment (see “Mandatory equipment list”) must be carried at all time during the race stages. It is your responsibility to add optional equipment (see “Optional Equipment List”).

11.2 Your personal equipment must to be carried by yourself at all time. No other participant may carry any of your equipment.

11.3 The event organiser will check your mandatory equipment prior to the start of the race. Additional checks will be carried out at various times during the race. Missing mandatory equipment will result in a time penalty or disqualification.

Article 12. Bibs

12.1 Every participant receives 2 bibs. Both bibs have to be visible at all times during the race. One must be fixed on the front and one on the back of the runner. The bibs must not be changed or altered in any way.

Article 13. Water

13.1 At each checkpoint a limited amount of water will be provided to the participants. This water is for drinking purposes only. The whole event is fully catered with breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner been served every day at the camps.

Article 14. Ranking and Timing

14.1 The timing will start simultaneously for all participants at the beginning of each stage and will be recorded individually for each participant at the finish line of each stage.

14.2 The first individual to cover all stages in the shortest accumulated time will be announced as the winner. The race has a male and a female category.

14.3 All the participants will be ranked according to their accumulated finishing times.

14.4 Cut-off times are in operation for each stage and each checkpoint of the race. If a participant does not reach the checkpoint or finish-line within the given cut-off time, he/she will be withdrawn from the race. Whether he/she is allowed to continue the race at the next stage will be decided by decision of the race director.

Article 15. Penalties

15.1 Disregarding and breaking the official rules and regulations and showing unsportsmanlike behavior will result in time penalties, with an amount of time added to the participant’s overall time. Serious misconduct may lead to a disqualification.

Penalties are adjudicated at the discretion of the Race Director only.

Article 16. Dropping out

16.1 Under no circumstances must any participant pull out of the race without informing the organizing team.

If a competitor decides to pull out, he/she must inform the organization immediately.

16.2. The organizers will take care of the participants who pull out and will make every effort to bring the participants to the next camp as the circumstances allow.

Article 17. Medical Assistance

17.1 A hand-picked medical team of experienced sports medicine specialists will be present throughout the race, equipped with special assistance vehicles. Furthermore they will ensure that any participant suffering from physical or mental exhaustion will be brought back to the base camp. The medical team is allowed to disqualify as they see fit any participant who appears physically unable to continue the race or for receiving vital medical care.

Article 18. Protest and Complaints

18.1 A protest and complaints desk or board will be installed in each camp. A designated person from the organizing team will examine your claim and, if necessary, forward it to the event director.

18.2 Protests have to be expressed on the actual day of the stage.

18.3 The ruling on the protest is at the sole discretion of the event director and all decisions of the event director shall be final and binding.

Article 19. Awards

19.1 Every participant who finishes all the stages within the given time limits will receive a medal.

Article  20. Image Rights

20.1 Run To Start & Melissa Derome reserve all exclusive rights for photo or film coverage of the race. Participants must agree that Run To Start & Melissa Derome have exclusive rights of use concerning individual or collective images taken for anything related directly or indirectly to their participation in the race. Any photo and film coverage done during the race cannot be used by participants for any purpose other than personal, unless this has been authorized or accredited by the Organization in advance.

Article 21. Final Statement

21.1 All participants must agree to abide these rules and regulations in order to ensure a safe, fair, eco-friendly and smooth progress of the event.

21.2. Any infringement of these rules & regulations may result in a time penalty or disqualification. This decision is at the sole discretion of the Race Director.

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